Tom and Katie Have Rich People Problems

May 3rd, 2007 // 3 Comments


Oh Star magazine. I love you for your “Best and Worst Beach Bodies” Issue, your bright pink and purple website design, but most of all for your preposterous stories that I desperately hope are true because they are so wonderfully ridiculous. Star is now reporting that while Katie Holmes is filming her latest film, “Mad Money,” in Shreveport, LA, she’s renting a home so that she can be near the cast and crew. Also, there are rumors buzzing that a possible on-set romance is brewing between her and her co-star, Adam Rothenberg. Apparently, Tom would prefer for Katie to live in a home further away from the set.

“He wants Katie and Suri to be away from everyone!” reveals one insider. “Not only has he apparently rented the second house in the North Cross section of Cross Lake [another posh neighborhood 20 minutes from Southern Trace], but he’s also rented out the houses on either side to make sure they have their privacy.”

These people are so rich, they have the kind of arguments that I can only aspire to one day experience. That kind of wealth and crazy, can only lead to the kind of lovers’ quarrels that end with Tom screaming, “Seriously, I don’t know why you refuse to have that special surgery I’m totally willing to pay for that will shorten your legs so that I can finally LOOK YOU IN THE EYES, DAMMIT!”

By Lisa Timmons

  1. jesse d

    Holy shit that’s funny LMAO

  2. jannre

    He probably needs the extra houses for his family members, and Scientology minders,

  3. yeehaa

    Who knew that Cross Lake had posh neighborhoods now… I used to live out there in the 80′s and man – you had to go through some scary crap to get home!!!

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