Tom And Katie Have ‘Date Night,’ To Which I Say, ‘Oh, Really?’

Just after reports came out that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes may have an open marriage, they go out on the town for a date. How convenient. Well, Tom was in town promoting his movie Knight and Day with Cameron Diaz and they were on The Today Show this morning (video after the jump), so I guess there’s a lot of holes in my open marriage theory thus far. Hmph.

I love that Cammy D found this film and threw Tom Cruise a bone. He OWES her I tell ya. I just don’t think they have chemistry together, but that may just be me.

My favorite part of this outdoors interview is that they can never hear the questions and Tom talking about Father’s Day is laughable. Just making up as he goes, isn’t he?

Oh just watch this mess after the jump. And look at the alleged ‘date night’ in the gallery below!