Tom And Katie Get Romantic

November 8th, 2005 // 10 Comments
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. jakejustice

    katie knows all about the poppers from an episode of Dawson’s Creek where Pacey gets drunk with a townie and wakes up feeling violated. point of the story is: why do these 2 hold hands so much? i find the constant hand-holding offensive. i don’t even hold my own hand that much. jesus. what a freakshow. ok, im done.

  2. Cheesy

    You know, I know when I’m with the core of my being, being very kissy-face, I can usually find the lips.

    But, alas, Tom’s so busy trying to make sure someone, ANYONE, is photographing him, lips are an afterthought.

  3. King Smart Ian

    “psst…now I want you to lean over and kiss me. Try to make it look spontaneous. Okay, now…”

  4. babyp

    somehow looking at all the lovey-dovey photos of these 2 makes me incredibly depressed. i’ve never been so lovely dovey in my own relationships. is it supposed to look like this? who knows, maybe that’s why i’m single…

  5. BlazerMary

    It’s amazing how Mr. Self-Absorbed Cruise never thinks about his kids. All through his sofa-jumping stage, I thought this must be mortifying for his kids. Now all the PDA at his kids’ events….what a jerk.

  6. Erica

    Oh babyp, don’t be depressed. I’ve been with my boyfriend for one year and we aren’t lovydovy. I’ve never been in a relationship like that. I just don’t think to kiss my boyfriend when we’re out. I don’t come across very many coulples who kiss in public very much. I find it offensive when people make out in public. No one wants to see that!

  7. bratbastid

    fortunately we’ve never seen him slip her the tongue…


    Katie seems like such a good down to earth kind of girl. I will hate to see what all this bad publicity will eventually do to her career!

  9. KittyLiterati

    Hilarious, King Smart Ian. That’s perfect for these photos.

    Does anybody remember a time when Tom Cruise was desirable? Every time I watch Top Gun, I shed a tear.

  10. tomcruiseisgay

    “Look everybody, I’m hetero. Really, look at me. I like vaginas. Why doesn’t anyone believe me?”

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