Tom Sturridge & Sienna Miller Take A Romantic Stroll With Their Baby Girl [PHOTOS]

Sienna & Tom In Paris
Do you think Sienna and Tom were celebrating the baby news?
Tom & Rob
The dynamic duo walk the dog!
Tom & Sienna In Italy
The couple took their love out for a little Italian getaway.
Look at this attractive couple we spotted in New York City.

Tom Sturridge and his lady love Sienna Miller were spotted in the Big Apple today taking an afternoon stroll with their new bundle of joy, Marlowe. Too bad Marlowe spent the entire time in the stroller. I was hoping to get another peek at the cuteness that is their baby.

Side note: when did Tom’s hair get so long? The last few times we’ve spotted him it’s been long, sure, but now it’s all shoulder length! On anyone else I would say “meh,” but somehow, Tom manages to pull it off. I wonder what Sienna think’s of her man’s hair?

She’s probably too busy dealing with their newborn to notice. Guys, Marlowe is almost 5 months old. That’s adorable! So which celebrity child should we set her up with? Cause you know that’s my favorite game, right? Deciding which celebrity child should marry which celebrity child.

I’m thinking Marlowe and Zuma Rossdalewould be pretty cool together. Yup, there it is. You’re welcome world. Launch the gallery to check out all the cute photos of Sienna and Tom. Where do they rank on your favorite celebrity couples? Sound off in the comments!