Tom Sturridge & Sienna Miller Enjoy Some Parisian Sightseeing With Marlowe

Marlowe Loves The Park
The little tyke spent the day there with Tom Sturridge.
Don’t you just love when Tom Sturridge and Sienna Miller are out and about with Marlowe? I know I do!

The happy family was spotted in Paris today, doing some sightseeing before heading back to their hotel. From the looks of it, Marlowe also got some quality one-on-one time with daddy. How adorable.

But wait! Guys! When did Marlowe start looking less like Tom? I just assumed as she grew up, she would look more and more like her dad. This makes me very sad. 

Also, how fun would it have been if Robert Pattinson had joined Tom, Sienna and Marlowe? As I said the last time we spotted the trio out together, I really want to see how Robert interacts with Marlowe. Rob with a baby = too cute for works.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of the happy family. So when do you think that Sienna and Tom are gonna have another cutie? Actually, when are they gonna get married? I just realized that’s still not a thing.