Tom Hiddleston Talks About His Gay Fans & His Sexuality: Celebrity News Headlines In Six Clicks

The more you know. Here are six news headlines that you’ll want to click!

Tom Hiddleston On His Gay Fans & Sexuality: ‘It’s All Good. It’s All Ice Cream’

O Dragonflie King, O yonder wanderer. Sorry, I just read a Tom Hiddleston interview and now I want to speak in iambic pentameter. He quotes Shakespeare ALL THE TIME. He’s just so… earnest. Is that admirable in this day and age? Or does he come across as humorless and bland? I can’t decide. Find out what he had to say about the gays at Celebitchy.

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‘Bachelor’ Star Gia Allemand Hung Herself While On The Phone With Her Mom

This story just gets sadder and sadder! ‘Bachelor’ star Gia Allemand was apparently on the phone with her mom when she hung herself, according to new reports. The 29-year-old committed suicide last week in her New Orleans home after a fight with her boyfriend hours before. More details at ICYDK.

Sydney Leathers Hilariousy Auditions Weiners For New Sex Tape

It’s coming, y’all — no pun intended. … All right, total pun intended. Sydney Leathers, mayoral-wannabe Anthony Weiner’s latest sexting partner, has a sex tape that’s about to drop, and the audition video above is all sorts of hilarious. Watch the video on Fishwrapper.

‘Men With Fancy Lady Hair’ Is Pretty Much The Best Thing Ever

Writer Jessica Saia thought it was really unfair that women get to style their long locks into all manner of complicated buns, braids, and updos, while long-haired men “spend years getting their manes all long and for what? To be occasionally bundled into a low ponytail?” To remedy this injustice, she brought 8 men to a swanky hair salon to get “fancy lady hair” and the results are amazing. Check out The Frisky for a great infographic.

Lisa Robin Kelly Autopsy Complete, Cause of Death Remains Unknown

The cause of the sudden passing of actress Lisa Robin Kelly is still a mystery. On Sunday, the Los Angeles coroner’s office said will be another eight to 10 weeks before toxicology results return from the lab. More details on Celebuzz.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson might almost be maybe getting back together

US Weekly has an update on The Robsten Saga: Mounting Angst Part 6, in which Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have an “intense conversation” and will “probably pick up where they left off”. Well that’s more plot than we got in all of Breaking Dawn. So…are they almost back together? More on the subject from Lainey Gossip.