Tom Hiddleston & Charlie Hunnam Are Trying To Make Your Ovaries Explode With Their Billowing Coats

Tom Hiddleston GIFs
Please take a moment and appreciate Tom, in GIF form!
If you read this site at all, you know there is one thing I love above all else: men in long coats.

So let’s all let out a collective “Oh My Gawd” as we look at these photos of Tom Hiddleston and Charlie Hunnam on the set of Crimson Peak wearing long coats. Which are billowing out behind them! Excuse me, I have to fan myself for a second.

And we’re back. We’ve seen both Tom and Charlie separately on the set of Crimson Peak before, but let me tell you, together they are even better. 

Sadly, they weren’t together together, but now we have something else to look forward to. Charlie occupied himself on set by wearing a fedora, smiling at the cameras and grabbing some lunch, while Tom made a serious face, wore a puffy coat and ran around for a little bit.

Can it be October 16, 2015 already? (That’s when the movie comes out). Actually, can I use the TARDIS to get to 10/16/2015, watch the movie, then come back to today. That would be amazing.

You know what else is amazing? Tom and Charlie on set and in costume. So I’ll stop talking and let you launch the gallery to see them together. Be warned, it’s possibly too hot to handle.