Tom Hardy’s Instagram Is The Most Adorable Instagram [PHOTOS]

Has Tom Hardy opened an account on Instagram?

Let us hope that this actually Tom Hardy’s account, but if not, we’ll still follow it anyway. While not quite as adventures in the photo department as his My Space page, there is plenty of cuteness to go around.

The photo of him and the baby, I mean, come on!

When Tom isn’t acting all adorable in photos, he’s getting gritty and tough on-screen. The actor has just landed himself another major role. 

He landed the lead in the real-time thriller, Locke. Written and directed by Steven Knight (writer of Eastern Promises), the 90-minute film “follows a man on the road to success who must race to save his life from unraveling after he receives a mysterious phone call.”

It seems like we’ve seen that film before, but I’ll take any chance I can get for 90 minutes of Tom Hardy! Launch the gallery to check out some of his cutest Instagram pics!

(via Buzzfeed)