Tom Hardy To Play Hugo Strange In Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight Rises’?

Tom Hardy’s star is on the rise and people can’t stop talking about his role in Christopher Nolan’s newest Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises. Deadline reports it will be a leading one which can only mean one thing…villain! The script is top secret but we can start guessing that it’s most likely Dr. Hugo Strange. The Riddler is reportedly out and the other villain is set to be a woman…leaving Strange, one of the most famous and oldest Batman villains.

Dr. Strange has been around in the Batman comics since 1940, a mad-scientist who loves psychology. In the comics, Strange finds out Batman’s secret identity but keeps it to himself, eventually becoming so obsessed with Batman that he starts dressing like him. Basically, sounds right up Nolan’s twisted alley. And Hardy could totally pull off that creepy vibe…though did Dr. Strange need to be so dashing?

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