Tom Hardy Talks ‘Batman’ & ‘The Warrior’ At Comic-Con [PHOTOS]

Actors Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton attended The Warrior Autograph Signing at the Lionsgate Booth during Comic-Con 2011 yesterday (July 22) in San Diego, CA.

Collider learned that Tom studied acting in Britain and originally was aspired to be a character actor. However, he struggled to get the types of roles he wanted (he joked it was because of his teeth) and was viewed as too interesting and quirky looking to be a traditional straight lead.

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He seriously considered quitting acting until he met Nicholas Winding Refn on Bronson, which led to a total career revitalization. Through Bronson, he was able to book his role in Inception, which has no led him to roles in The Dark Knight Rises, Mad Max, and more.

As for his Mad Max role, he needs to really brush up on his driving skills. “I’m sponsored by Audi. I’m not gonna lie. I can’t drive to save my life. OK, not entirely true. I learned to drive just three-four years ago, just so I could take my then-girlfriend to hospital. She was pregnant.”

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“So I’ve been driving Audis EXCLUSIVELY since then. Never bought a car. OK, I bought one for like a thousand bucks, and it just died. But Audis are AMAZING. Love them. People ask me about cars and I am all about the Audis. All I ever drive.”

Check out Tom’s reaction to the Batman trailer…