Tom Hardy On Playing Bane In ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ [PHOTOS]

How much do we love Tom Hardy?  The Dark Knight Rises star wore a “Gotham City Rogues” graphic tee today (July 19th) in London, hopping into his Audi convertible after leaving The Dorchester Hotel.

Hardy plays the villainous Bane in Christopher Nolan’s final Batman installment and talked about the role with MTV.  “When I first heard of Bane, I think, like a lot of people who aren’t Batman-centric in a way, I didn’t know who he was,” Hardy said. “So it had to be explained who he was, and then I looked at him and I saw his luchador mask and his way-tight wrestling pants and his huge muscles. I thought, ‘He must have got the wrong man, because I can’t play … I don’t play that.’”

It was Nolan’s interpretation of Bane that convinced Hardy to tackle the role.  “Chris Nolan’s take on [Bane] was intrinsically lateral because he has a way of wanting and desiring to breathe a realism and a lateral thought into that which has already come through the comic book world,” Hardy said. 

“I think largely that’s going to upset some people, and there’s some people that are going to really hang on to that. And I’m one of those people that really enjoys that actually, to be quite honest — carving a new way through something that’s already a set piece on the planet.”

Who’s catching The Dark Knight Rises this weekend?