Tom Hardy No-Show At BAFTAs Because Of Break Up?

Surprisingly missing from the BAFTAs was Tom Hardy and many are speculating it’s because he and fiance Charlotte Riley have split up.

The two became engaged last summer but a source has said that the two broke up last month and that he’s been trying to patch things up. It comes at a weird time for Hardy, whose career is about to completely blow up. While BAFTA organizers were told he had personal commitments that made him unable to attend the awards, he did issue a statement of gratitude for his trophy.

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I’m not sure what to think. I mean, if they did break up he needs to keep himself busy and throw himself into his work and not back into drugs. Or perhaps the two just need some time to work on their relationship. Or perhaps he should just go back to dating men - I’m sure lots of fellas would love that…