Tom Hardy Makes Adorable Faces With A Puppy [PHOTOS]

Tom Hardy should always carry a puppy around with him. He’s adorable!

Hardy and Noomi Rapace were spotted having fun during breaks on the set of the Animal Rescue movie in Avenue P, Brooklyn yesterday (March 21, 2013) with a cute little four-legged friend.

Being the all around great guy that Tom is, he took time to pose with photos with fans who were hanging out on set. 

On Location News reports that Tom made a point to sign autographs and pose for photos, even if his security people urge him not to. @Sara__E said when she approached Tom for a photo from the opposite side of a gated lot he said “through the gate?” After explaining she wasn’t allowed inside, he replied, “True, I’ll come around!” and made the effort to meet her on the other side!

Tom is such a big softie at heart!

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