Tom Hardy Looks Hot In Burberry While Promoting ‘Locke’

How does Tom prepare for his role as Elton John?
A man who can look sexy while shirtless and showing off his tattoos and still look hot all covered up in a Burberry suit is the best kind of man.

Let’s applaud Tom Hardy for his unique ability. He really should be proud of it.

Speaking of things to be proud of, he should be pleased with the current reviews of his new film, Locke.

If you haven’t watched the trailer of the movie, you have to. In a film where the actor spends approximately 85 minutes in a car and converses primary by phone calls, you wouldn’t expect it to do too well.

ABC reports its rather enjoyable, giving it three out of four stars.

Whenever I think of minimalist films, the flop Open Water immediately comes to mind. I genuinely wanted those 85 minutes of my life back.

This film, however, does have potential. Hardy’s character, Ivan Locke, has made an impossible to change mistake and now must do the right thing. Let’s hope the character has other redeeming qualities as well.

After checking out more of this hottie in our gallery, let us know if you’ll be seeing Locke in the comments below!