Tom Hardy & His Bushy Beard Partake In Climbing Training With The Royal Marines

Tom Hardy's MySpace
Tom's MySpace page photos were just a tad embarrassing.
So, did you know that Tom Hardy is cool enough to train with the Royal Marines?

That is  something I learned after seeing the movie star do just that. Tom paid a special visit to the Royal Marines this week for some very specialized abseil training. And if you don’t know what “abseiling” is, it’s just another word for repelling.

The Royal marines will be abseiling down the side of the BT Tower in London to raise money for charity next month. So how does Tom fit into this? 

Basically, Tom is a huge supporter of the Royal Marinesand is down to do whatever he can to help.

“I know this year the Royal Marines are commemorating their 350th anniversary and I wanted to show my support to these elite professionals. I only came along to make tea for the guys but I suppose it was inevitable that I would end up on the end of a rope!”

Oh, what a sense of humor. OK Tom, now that you’ve practiced your repelling skills, can you go back to practicing your singing skills? Cause I basically need that Elton John documentary to be out right now. Please and thank you. Check out all the photos of Tom’s training session in the gallery. It’s worth it just to stare at his beard.