Tom Hardy Gets Smiley & Adorable For The Cameras On The Set Of ‘Animal Rescue’ [PHOTOS]

Tom Hardy's MySpace
Tom's MySpace page photos were just a tad embarrassing.
Oh Tom Hardy, why don’t you just melt our hearts with your beautiful smile a little more.

The uber hot actor was spotted in New York City yesterday (April 4) being adorable on the set of his latest flick, Animal Rescue. You remember Animal Rescue, right? The movie where Tom keeps posing with puppies and making the world a better place? Good. Sure puppies are no baby Bane, but we still love them.

Tom has been one of the busiest men in Hollywood after his breakthrough performance in Inception, and it’s not hard to see why. Following Animal Rescue, the Brit is set to play one of America’s most notorious gangsters, Al Capone. Well, only if the script for the movie stops being an issue.  

According to DeadlineCicero is currently getting a re-write by a fresh-faced writer who has made his living for the past few years being a waiter. See Mom & Dad! The dream is possible! Also, imagine getting to work on a movie with Tom Hardy! So good.

Launch the gallery to check out all the magical photos of Tom’s smile on set. Even through a gate, we still love him. Looking forward to Cicero and Animal Rescue? Sound off in the comments!