Tom Hardy, Colin Farrell Eyed For ‘Total Recall’ Remake

In the land of Hollywood, when you run out of new ideas or books to turn into movies, obviously you just go back and remake films that were already great on their own. While some may argue that Total Recall may not be an amazeballs film, it’s certainly one of the better films in the Arnold Schwarzenegger canon.

Well, it seems that it’s about to get remade with Tom Hardy, seen above on the set of This Means War with my man-crush Chris Pine, or possibly with Colin Farrell to replace Schwarzenegger’s character from the original.

According to Heat Vision, the film is going to begin shooting in late March of next year. Farrell is considered the front runner, most notably because his calendar is…um, more open than the other two gents. Read as: he’s not as hot anymore.

Hardy is currently shooting This Means War and is expected to follow that project with a lead role in Christopher Nolan’s upcoming Batman film. Michael Fassbender is also being considered for the film, but also is busy filming X-Men: First Class, currently in production in England.

What I love about this is that they are going to re-hash a movie with a has-been of an actor. Sounds like a great plan. Don’t expect to see me at that shit-show.