Tom Hardy Cleans Up Well At The Venice Film Festival, Earns Rave Reviews For ‘Locke’

Tom Hardy & A Puppy
Tom Hardy does look pretty cute with that puppy.
From casual to dapper, that’s just how Tom Hardy rolls.

Tom looked pretty scruffy in a t-shirt and jeans when he attended the photocall for his film Locke. However, when it came to the premiere for the film, Tom cleaned up quite splendidly.

The actor is said to have wowed audiences during the screening of Locke at the Venice International Film Festival, which was shown out of competition. Watch a clip below. 

Hardy plays Ivan Locke, a construction foreman and concrete expert who leaves his job on the eve of a massive project. When the movie starts, it’s near dusk and he’s settling into a drive in a shiny BMW SUV. After calls to a colleague, his boss, a woman called Bethan, and his wife and sons, the audience starts to understand where he’s headed and why.

Critics praised the 35-year-old burly actor’s one-man tour de force performance. Hardy is the only person who appears onscreen; his costars are just voices he speaks to on the phone, a la Ryan Reynolds’ 2010 film Buried.

“Locke is basically just Tom Hardy driving a car while making a bunch of phone calls, and yet this ingenuously executed study in cinematic minimalism has depth, beauty and poise,” writes Variety’s Leslie Felperin, adding it was a “finely tuned showcase” for Hardy’s “exceptional acting skills.”

Congrats to Tom Hardy for this. I knew he had this in him!

Check out all the pics of Tom Hardy attending the Venice Film Festival for his film Locke, by launching the gallery.

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