Tom Hardy & Baby Bane Warm The Cockles Of Our Hearts [PHOTOS]

Tom Hardy's MySpace
Tom's MySpace page photos were just a tad embarrassing.
Tom Hardy
The actor at the UK premiere of 'The Iron Lady.'
Things that are perfect: Tom Hardy posing with a baby Bane.

It’s real. It happened. The evidence is above. Tom was on the set of his latest flick, Animal Rescue, when a little boy dressed as Bane–Tom’s villainous character from The Dark Knight Rises–came over and got this awesome picture!

Like, do you think the kid specifically wore this outfit to go find Tom and take a picture? Or was this just one of those perfectly timed moments in life? I’m choosing to believe the second, just cause there’s something more magical about it. How excited do you think Tom got about the baby Bane? 

It’s not everyday someone so tiny wants to dress up as you!  Honestly, this might even be cuter than Tom with puppies. And dude! Puppies was adorable! But sadly, Tom was giving us this faux-badass face with the puppies.

Launch the gallery to check out all the cuteness from Tom and baby Bane. Is this the most entertaining thing you’ve seen all day? Do you wish you could dress up as Bane and hang out with Tom hardy? Let us know in the comments!