Tom Daley Still Wearing Clothes, Parties With The Ladies–Including His Mother [PHOTOS]

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Last night was clearly a very interesting one for diving superstar, Tom Daley.

The 18-year-old enjoyed a night on the town at London’s hottest club, Funky Buddha, alongside his dearest, darlingest mummy. I’m totally serious about this. According to MailOnline, Tom decided to treat his mother, Debbie Daley, to a night out along with a few of his lady friends. If you think I’m lying, you can see photos in the gallery.

Tom decided to wear clothes–again. Didn’t we have that discussion with him that no matter what he’s doing or where he is, he has to at least be shirtless? Or wearing a tuxedo like he did the other day. We’ll accept tuxedos as well. Side note: can we all just focus on Tom’s smile for a second?

His smile is almost as good as seeing him shirtless. Also, I love how he gets stopped by fans on his way to club. He’s so sweet to stand there and chat. He’s really much more put together than other 18-year-olds. Maybe it’s the confidence, or the group of ladies, or the fact that we’ve seen him shirtless way more than any other 18-year-old.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Tom’s party night. What do you think of Tom partying with his mom? Adorable? Weird? Anybody else want the outfits of both of his lady companions?

Daley Does The Mobot
Tom Daley Does The Mobot
In his speedo. Amen. Watch »
By Sabba Rahbar

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