Tom Daley Shows Off His Butt On Twitter Because He Loves Us

February 26th, 2014 // Leave a Comment
Tom Daley Shirtless

Oh, Tom Daley. Tom, Tom Daley. You beautiful man you.

See guys, I’m used to the Olympian just showing us photos of his shirtless torso. And it’s magical! But this time, we got a view of his derrière, and I must say, what a derrière it is!

Keep in mind that this photo is NSFW, so you can find it after the jump! 

We should really thank Tom’s random friend who took the photo and posted it. Also, why is she sticking her finger there? That’s weird.

Tom’s friend who posted the photo has since deleted it, but because this is the internet, nothing ever gets actually deleted. So please enjoy, in all his mooning glory, Tom Daley’s butt.


By Sabba Rahbar

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