Tom Daley Is ‘Attitude’ Magazine’s Sexiest Man Of 2014

Tom Daley In A Speedo
British diver Tom Daley and his teeny Speedo.
Well, Attitude will get no argument from us on this!

The magazine released their Hot 100 list yesterday, and it comes as no surprise that Tom Daley, the diving superstar with the amazing abs, came it at number 1. I mean, you have also see his bum right? It’s quite lovely.

Tom himself was rather thrilled by the honor, telling the magazine, “I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who voted for me in Attitude’s HOT 100 – it means the world.” Now, let’s see that cover properly, shall we? 

Ah yes, there are the Tom Daley abs we know and love so well.


Tom Daley Shirtless Abs Attitude Magazine

So who else made the list? Well here’s Attitude’s top 10 hottest guys:

10. Russell Tovey
9. Zayn Malik
8. Duncan James
7. Chris Mears
6. Harry Judd
5. Dan Osborne
4. David Beckham
3. Zac Efron
2. Shayne Ward
1. Tom Daley

I thought I knew my hot men pretty well, but I did actually have to look up a few of these guys. Luckily they’re all really hot, so I have no complaints. Also, I love that Zayn Malik made the top 10, but the rest of One Direction did not.

But really, I’m just happy that Tom is number 1. And he was so sweet about. Check out his thank you video below, and if you need more shirtless Tom fun, may I point you in this direction. You’re welcome.