Tom Daley Doesn’t Show Us His Butt Again, But Does Show Us His Cute Cellphone Cover

Diving Tom Daley
The hotties shows off his shirtless bod & diving skills
Remember when Tom Daley showed us his butt yesterday? That was great.

Sadly, we did not get any Tom butt today. Instead we got a very well-dressed Tom who was spotted heading to the London underground with a friend. All that fame and he still takes the tube. Bless him.

Also, are you appreciating the insane cuteness that is Tom Daley’s cellphone cover? 

Because if you’re not obsessed with the fact that his cover is a picture of him and Dustin Lance Black, then I do not understand you. This is like Ian Somerhalder’s Paul Wesley phone case. Honestly, I can’t even decide which one is more romantic.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Tom’s fashionable look and his iPhone case. Also, I need some photos of him and Dustin together. Can they hit a red carpet or something? I would appreciate that.