Tom Daley Back In A Speedo, May Be Coming To A TV Near You [PHOTOS]

Tom Daley For Heat
Tom Daley strikes some sexy poses for Heat magazine.
Tom Daley was back in the pool today (October 08, 2012) for the World Youth Diving Championships. As the 18-year-old Team GB star prepared to dive, the sun appeared behind his Speedos in a unique spot.

The Olympic bronze is being sought to host new diving show Celebrity Splash.

On the ITV show, celebrities will learn how to perform diving routines. Contestants will be trained by professionals to do increasingly more difficult routines week by week including backflips and somersaults.

An insider told The Sun newspaper: “It’s going to be a hilarious show which will have it all – humor, hunks in trunks and gorgeous girls.

“We are counting on this to be a big banker for next year. Everybody loved Tom at the Olympics, and this could be the perfect vehicle for him.”

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