Tom Cruise’s First Post-Katie Liplock! [PHOTOS]

Suri: So Far Away!
Katie has been doing a good job of keeping Tom away. Ouch!
On-screen kiss, that is!

Tom Cruise was spotted kissing co-star Olga Kurylenko while filming on the set of Oblivion. They were shooting right next to a spaceship, something Cruise is probably personally pretty comfortable with, right?

Times have been tough for Cruise, what with the divorceKatie Holmes gaining primary custody, and the crazy amount of child support he’ll probably be paying. He’s been keeping it professional, only taking off a weekend off work following the divorce announcement and otherwise remaining focused on his work.

Cruise hasn’t seen Suri for about a month now, but what can you do when she’s living on the other side of the country with her mom? I’m not the biggest Tom Cruise fan, but I still think he should be able to see his own daughter, and see her soon. Time’ll tell!