Tom Cruise & Suri Have Father & Daughter Gymnastics Time

Of all celebrity children, Suri Cruise is my favorite. She’s just so fashionable and adorable! I’m sure her father, Tom Cruise, feels the exact same way about her. Tom decided to get hands on yesterday and take Suri to her gymnastics lesson in New York.

Out of all the Suri sightings I can think of, this may be one of the few ones with just Tom and Suri. Maybe mom, Katie Holmes, decided that some father/daughter time was in order and arranged in. She figured she got Tom time at the Katy Perry concert, now Suri should get some.

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Tom will soon be on a promoting spree for his new film Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol. The film, as Cinema Blend points out, “is hopefully set to be Tom Cruise’s return to making movies people want to see.” Jeremy Renner co-stars in the film–his character possibly being the one who takes on missions in the future?

I wonder what Suri thinks of all this. Thanks to Suri’s Burn Book we’re kept pretty informed about what we think Suri thinks. Also, I’m so obsessed with the burn book–cracks me up! I mean, Suri is quite the fashion stylist and my fashion icon. Really, my life icon. Now I just need to get a mom who looks great at film premieres and a dad who is a tiny bit off the wall. Mission: impossible? I think not!

Enjoy pics of Suri and Tom at gymnastics in the gallery. Seriously, how adorable are they? Talk about it in the comments!