Tom Cruise Possibly Holding Woman Hostage During Jerry Bruckheimer Walk Of Fame Ceremony

Tom Cruise & Olga Kurylenko
Cruise and Kurylenko film 'Oblivion' in Los Angeles
I jest of course. Is this the new Katie Holmes? Who the hell knows, but Tom Cruise was sure holding this mystery woman quite close as he arrived for the ceremony honoring Jerry Bruckheimer with a Star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame held in front of El Capitan Theatre today (June 24, 2013) in Hollywood, California.

Also on hand for the event was Johnny Depp, Jon Voight and Martin Lawrence.

Jerry is one of the top Hollywood film producers having produced a number of iconic movies throughout his career. The producer’s portfolio includes Depp franchise Pirates Of the Carribbean and legendary movie Top Gun starring Cruise. 

Both actors have movies out this year, as Tom Cruise recently starred in the blockbuster Oblivion, and Johnny Depp will star in The Lone Ranger, released August 9 2013.

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