Tom Cruise More Ripped Than Ever

While he’ll never compare to his younger years (who ever does, really), for 48-years-old, Tom Cruise is certainly looking like he may be in the best shape of his life.

Cruise was spotted yesterday with some amazingly buff arms in a tank top while filming the new Mission: Impossible movie in Vancouver. Part of his regiment in keeping so fit is performing his own stunts.

“And in movies, you have to be just as fresh in the 14th hour as when you got there because you just need that energy to perform and it’s something I live with. In my life, I love sports, a lot of different sports – hiking and climbing. That’s the stuff I do for the films but also with the kids, they are activities you can do together,” he said.

In between takes, Cruise had to get a jacket back on and filmed a majority of scenes in the back of a truck, where he also eventually ate his lunch.

The new film is set for a December 2011 release and also stars Simon Pegg and Paula Patton.