Tom Cruise Is Shocked By Dave Letterman’s F-Bomb On ‘The Late Show’ [PHOTOS]

Tom Cruise and Olga Kurylenko
Cruise and Kurylenko film 'Oblivion' in Los Angeles
Amongst the turmoil in his home life, Tom Cruise is using this difficult time to really dive into his work. With the release of his newest film, ‘Jack Reacher’, just around the corner, Cruise has been making efforts to promote the film, minus the tag-alongs of his daughter, Suri Cruise and his soon-to-be ex-wife, Katie Holmes.

The actor appeared on ‘The Late Show With David Letterman’ last night to discuss the movie. However, talking about a single action film can only go on for so long without basically spoiling it. And with so many questions unanswered about Cruise’s personal life, I bet Letterman was just itching to pry, despite his better judgement and the warnings of Cruise’s publicist.

Letterman, showing some discretion, chose to ask Cruise about the less buzz worthy part of his life, his son Connor Cruise. When asked about his son, who just turned 17, Cruise didn’t reveal too much about the younger Cruise, saying “Connor’s like, ‘Please don’t talk about me… with certain things, his friends will go, ‘What was that talk like, what were the details?”

To get the focus off of his own family, Cruise slyly asked Letterman about his own son, Harry, who’s 9 years old. Letterman went on to talk about he and his own son’s discussion about dirty words. The anecdote ended with Letterman saying the word “F***” which was promptly bleeped out by a horn. Cruise was taken aback by the host’s use of the curse word but laughed about it as the interview came to a close. All in good fun, Tom! Glad he’s lightened up these days.

Check out the interview in the video. And be sure to see Tom Cruise’s new action movie, Jack Reacher in theaters on December 21st.