Top Cruise’s Top 10 Box Office Bombs!

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Tom Cruise is an astonishing world-wide actor known for his outstanding performances in award-winning films such as A Few Good Men, Top Gun and Rain Man. Tom has also won a handful of awards for best actor, making him one of the most popular actors of our time.

Beginning his career at the age of 19, with the film Taps (1981), which led to his first leading role in Risky Business (1983). That was the start of all the googly-eyed woman drooling over the charismatic new kid on the block. No one could resist Cruise’s scrunched up white socks, paired with a button-down dress shirt, men’s briefs and dark Wayfarer shades. It’s an outfit that associated with Tom and that role. It’s a classic!

With over 30 films in his filmography there must a dud or two box office wise. Even with one of the most prestigious careers, Tom Cruise has had his fair share of unsuccessful films. Even some that we have never heard of! Which really doesn’t matter to him because he is still filthy RICH!

With low box office receipts, we have shared with you the top ten worst films headlining Tom Cruise movies. Scope out the gallery to view the Tom Cruise’s top ten box office duds. You’ll thank us later.

By Alissa Ochoa

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