Tom Cruise Awaits Fans In Croatia And Dines With A New Woman [PHOTOS]

Tom Cruise and his co-star
Cruise and Kurylenko film 'Oblivion' in Los Angeles.
Tom & Katie
Tom Cruise in a turtleneck. Not his best look.
In The Social Strata, Tom Is On CRUISE Control

Set aside those fancy algebra and calculus books, it’s time for some “TomKat” math! What do you get when you subtract one wacky Scientologist from one of our favorite 90’s pop culture icons? A public spectacle of divorce drama, thousands of dollars a month in alimony (exactly, $21,000 to Ms.Holmes) and one child caught in the crossfires, 6-year-old Suri Cruise.

So what’s the newly-single superstar to do in times of desperation like this? I guess we can cross Dawson’s Creek off the list. Tom Cruise decided to take a lavished vacation to a Croatian island of Hvar. Instead of throwing a pity party for himself, he toasted to his new found freedom amongst crowds of fans and dining with a new woman

Last time Tom was seen in Croatia, he was in the throws of a previous emotional entanglement with Penelope Cruz. He may be privy to this vacation spot due to the fact it’s home to The Church of Scientology. As this is a personal mecca for Cruise’s Scientology beliefs, he may be better off trying to figure out the science of making a successful relationship.