Tom Cruise And Elle Fanning Attend The Premiere Of ‘Super 8′ [PHOTOS]

Last night Tom Cruise joined Steven Speilberg and Elle Fanning for the premiere of Super 8 at the Regency Village Theater in Westwood, CA.  Fanning, 13, fancied herself a renaissance moment and went the way of the maxi dress, an embellished cream confection that was more “let’s dress up and await our white knight” than “I’m 13 and I’m a star, suckahs.”   We still can’t decide if we love or hate it.

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What did love was the nautically fantastic Milly gown Amanda Michalka wore.  Talk about a show-stopping number.

The minds behind Super 8 were a little concerned about how the little-known cast would match up against other summer Blockbusters.  Judging from initial reactions from last night’s opening the, J.J. Abrams-helmed project promises to please audiences.  According to the Daily Mail, Abrams told Reuters,

“One of the fights we’ve had about selling the movie is how much do we tell? What do we show?  There’s a feeling of ‘Well, if they don’t know it, then you gotta show them everything so they understand it before they see it.  My feeling is that if you show them everything, they won’t want to go see it, so there’s a battle internally.”

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