Tom Brady Off The Field

Loving father, Tom Brady seems to be having no trouble lifting his little boy but critics are saying he could be having some difficulties on the field. While the Patriots star Quarterback has been upfront with his shoulder injury, he is keeping mum about a new area of concern. Apparently Brady has been experienced a bone bruise which expert, Tom Martinez has claimed is noticeable in his play despite the lack of announcement from the player or team. According to Martinez, the pain is affecting his throwing and while he seems to overcome the further into game play, it appears to be a short-term solution to a long-term problem.

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However, Tom’s discussion with the Boston Herald seemed a different store entirely. “I feel great.  I’m excited about this week.  I’ll be out there on Sunday as I am always, unless they tell me I can’t be.  I’ll be out there.  I feel great and I’m ready to go try to play my best football.” While Brady approaches 35 years old, he will certainly show a different level of play but men and women fans alike will be rooting for his success.