Tom Brady Loses His Cool At Dick’s Sporting Goods [VIDEO]

Tom Brady
The Partiots QB strikes a pose.
Tom Brady recently shot a Funny or Die skit that poked fun at the state in which he works.  Listen, just because Brady plays quarterback for the New England Patriots doesn’t mean he speaks the native tongue.  Gorgeous McDreamy Eyes is from San Mateo, Californi and graduated from the University of Michigan.  So, no.  Brady is not a born-and-raised Masshole.

This Under Armour video isn’t Brady’s first rodeo, though.  He successfully hosted Saturday Night Live back in 2005 (and did a wayyyy better job than Eli Manning).  “That would be fun to do again if I had the opportunity,” Brady told WEEI’s Dennis and Callahan (via the Boston Globe). “That was a great experience. Like a lot of things, you go through them and you don’t appreciate them until they’re over. 

“And that was one of those experiences where I loved doing it and but then really realized how much I loved doing it after it was over and God man I wish I just took in every single moment of that because it is so unique and you never know if you’re going to get those experiences again so it’s nice to really go through them and enjoy them as much as you can, and I’ve done that with Saturday Night Live. I did it with the Under Armour video, and that’s part of the growth that I think I’ve experienced over the last few years.”

Now, about that hairstyle Brady sported at the 2012 MET Costume Institute Ball.

“I got a lot of grief over that,” Brady said. “I guess part of me, I don’t take it as seriously, it’s just something that, I’ll tell you the truth, I was actually shampooing my hair in the shower one day and I was like, ‘Wow, I might do that, that might be cool,’ because you put shampoo in and you kind of put your hands through it and say, ‘OK, cool, let me see if we can make something of this… it’s a fashion type of event, so if you’re going to do something, if you’re gonna pull off a different tux or a different outfit, then go for it.

“That was the night to do it. You’re not going to go to some other event doing something like that.  You just figure you have fun with it. It’s one night. The great part of it is hopefully I’m not trying to please too many people. As long as my wife liked it, my mom liked it, I’m cool and they liked it.”

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