Todrick Hall Makes Pro-Gay Marriage Dreams Come True In ‘CinderFella’ [VIDEO]

July 30th, 2012 // 1 Comment
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And he calls on some famous friends to help out

American Idol alum Todrick Hall has a very creative mind, and his latest viral video invites viewers to take part in a pro-gay marriage fairy tale of sorts.  Lance Bass played “The Artist Formerly Known As Prince Charming,” and Janice Dickinson actually looked presentable (unsurprisingly, she played the evil stepmother).

RuPaul’s Drag Race stars Willam and Shangela played Todrick’s ugly stepsisters (though each queen’s bone structure suggests otherwise), and I was quite pleased to see Aubrey O’Day looking a bit more normal than otherwise.

I was thoroughly entertained by this beat.  PS-the bitches can sing.

By Kelly Lynch

  1. D'elve Je Veux III

    Don’t really agree with the phrase: “LEGALIZE LOVE” but truly dig the moral of the video: ACCEPTANCE! I think, when it comes to love- humans have made grave mistakes in trying to POSSESS LOVE. Love will not allow you to OWN IT! Love, loves who it loves- when and how it wants to. The American mentality of ” MINE MINE MINE” has led to so many heartaches, divorces, murders and suicides- it’s just crazy that we still don’t get that: It is not US who make LOVE, LOVE-makes us, who we are!-D’elve

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