Todd Sanfield – Male Model Monday

May 17th, 2009 // 10 Comments

Represented by IMG, Todd Sanfield is one hot commodity. Those abs. I die. His work in Tetu, DNA and Out magazines have given him his main exposure, so to speak.

We have no specific stats for Todd, so we’ll let you make them up. Welcome to the Male Model Monday family Todd.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. zumpel

    he isn’t that tall, is he?
    for me his thighs are too strong

    looks too athletic…

  2. Sarah

    I agree Zumpel. He just comes off looking disproportionate. Too much bulk for his height.

    Those thighs are similar to rugby player’s thighs (all that scrumming). It doesn’t look good on this guy’s body.

  3. Gwyn

    Ugh…he’s legs look disgusting!

  4. jakeinlove

    Whatever people. I’d would love to have his wrapped around my waist anytime!

  5. shardy



    that body…
    he looks like a roman sculpture come to life

    he may not have the look most “women” love
    but he sure has the body most men envy

    great pics, thanx for posting them!

  6. Cheesy

    I think he’s lovely in every way, thighs, eyes, arms, abs. I love Male Model Mondays!

  7. Patrick

    I absolutely adore Todd Sanfield. He’s incredibly gorgeous! Great face and body. Todd has worked extremely hard to achieve these results. I’ve collected every publication he’s ever appeared in. I’m his biggest fan and supporter.

  8. Mak8

    Todd has a beautifully proportioned muscular physique. He has avoided the disgustingly emaciated look of so many female and (increasingly) male models whose haggard looks blight the runways.

  9. dat

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  10. dat

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    thanks a lot

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