Todd Meister: The Man On Top of Nicky Hilton


He was also on top of Paris Hilton at one point as well. At least he kept his dick in the family.

Access Hollywood, which first reported the wedding of world renowned actress Nicky Hilton, the star of Wishman“>Wishman, , said older sister Paris Hilton and actress Bijou Phillips (the mere presence of Bijou evokes doom) were present during the 2:30 a.m. ceremony.

Nicky’s spokesperson, Elliot Mintz, released on of the most unintentionally hilarious press releases on the marriage:

Per Mintz, any resemblance between this wedding and Britney Spears (news)’ 55-hour Vegas debacle last January is purely coincidental.

“This is a real, serious, meaningful, loving relationship–not spur of the moment,” rep Elliot Mintz said of Hilton and Meister to E! “[The wedding] was treated with great sobriety and seriousness.” [E Online]

Yes most people who are serious about marriage tie the knot at 2:30 a.m. in Las Vegas, with one family member, and a D-List actress present.

“After dinner, everyone went dancing at Rain [a nightclub in The Palms] but Nicky is only 20 so she wasn’t allowed in. So she and Todd went to the pool instead. Around 1:30 a.m., they decided it was the time to get married and she phoned Paris and had her meet her at the limo and off they went.”

Says the pal: “Nicky wasn’t that keen on the idea at first, but after a few drinks, she came around to it.” The couple then returned to their penthouse at The Palms. [Star Magazine]

So who is Todd Mesier?

“More than a few members of the New York social scene, young set and older, were shocked to learn last night that Nicky Hilton, younger sister of Paris, married Todd Meister in an early morning ceremony Saturday night/Sunday morning in Las Vegas. Meister, whose father is a wealthy investment banker, grew up in the New York/Southampton/Palm Beach axis and is a popular member of the so-called junior set, mainly contemporaries, investment bankers, New York heirs and heiresses, and the New York club scene, but not the glitzier, Hollywood crowd that the Hiltons have become identified with.

Meister is a very popular member of his set, dated the beautiful socialite Samantha Boardman for ten years up until about two years ago. When they broke up he dated the beautiful Elizabeth Kieselstein-Cord for almost two years. Most recently he’d been dating Charlotte Freund (halfway down page, with Todd), who is about the same age as the new Mrs. Meister. The Hilton and Meister families have known each other socially for some time although they are not close friends.

When one old friend heard the news tonight, she said, “you’ve got to be kidding!” Convinced that it was true, she remarked, “Well you know that’s not going to last very long. Besides, Mercury’s in retrograde.” Maybe so, but Meister and Hilton are in Las Vegas, together.” [New York Social Diary]

The rumors of Todd’s wealth or possible lack of wealth are hard to confirm at the moment. I’m sure this won’t be the last you’ve heard on this one.