Todd Meister And Nicky Hilton: Still Married After Four Days

tmsieterIn our continuing coverage of Nicky Hilton’s Cry For Help, here’s a little more info about her husband (tee-hee). Let’s put this into perspective. When Todd was eighteen, Nicky was five. Everyone. EWWWWWWWWW!

He likes young girls. He may have dated more sophisticated women in the past, but he’s been all into the younguns. Meister made the gossip pages in 2001, when sexy heiress Samantha Boardman dumped Cond‚ Nast editorial director James Truman for him. Boardman later dumped Meister after she reportedly caught him in flagrante delicto with a 19-year-old coed.

Meister has been a friend of the Hilton family since Paris and Nicky were kids, having grown up in their chichi Upper East Side and Hamptons milieu, thanks to his mega-rich dad, Robert Meister, the vice chairman of Aon Corporation, a global insurance brokerage. Todd Meister was a football star at posh Riverdale Country School, then got a business degree at Harvard and established a company in the mid ’90s to invest in Internet start-ups. They sold the company in 2000; now Todd works as a hedge-fund manager. [NYP]

Hilarious quote by a friend of the Hilton family, the ever present Couri Hay:

The low-key event was pure Nicky, said Hilton family friend Couri Hay. “She didn’t want to end up like Bennifer,” Hay said, referring to the ill-fated, much-ballyhooed wedding plans of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.

First off, Nicky is no Jennifer, and Todd is no Ben (that’s not saying much, but still). Second, you cannot tell me that they did this to thwart massive wedding plans. Nicky’s not Paris. It would have gotten the press of say, a Bijou Phillips wedding (tee-hee).