Today’s Dandy Twitpics! [PHOTOS]

May 3rd, 2012 // Leave a Comment
Downton Sixbey
Jimmy Fallon and company spoof 'Downton Abbey.' Watch »

God bless Twitter for the simple purpose of celebrities sharing their personal moments with us, even when we don’t ask.

Hilary Duff uses the social media platform as her own personal baby album (which we’re totally fine with since Luca Cruz Comrie is so friggin’ cute), and Kim Kardashian shares with her followers just how flashy Scott Disick’s taste is (answer: very).

While there are some we could do without (Rihanna, we don’t really need to see you throwing dollar bills at strippers in less-than-ladylike poses), who can resist a smiling pic of David Beckham with his birthday cake?

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By Kelly Lynch

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