Today On Recapist: Chuck

Today’s Recapist Highlight: Chuck

So in 1983, Jeff of the Buy More is the Ricky Bobby of Missile Command videogaming, with a dead-thing looking mullet. He had women, glory, and so many tasty options. Like he does now, facing off with the vending machine, paralyzed with indecision, to Morgan’s annoyance. Morgan’s just dropped some Cheetos for him when Big Mike pops in to tell them to wrangle Chuck to work. The Head Nerd Herder is still dozing in his suit and faux Kermit-takes-Manhattan mustache, having apparently spent the evening as “Francois.” He stows the identity, loses the dinner jacket, and makes to leave. Ellie and Awesome flag him down, reminding him that he forgot something. He pauses, peels off the fake mustache, and nearly pees in relief when Awesome hands him a ginseng protein breakfast shake. It is good for yang energy, Awesome tells us, as well as wang energy, should you have one in need of tending. Ellie asks where Chuck was until 4AM, and he lies handily about playing video games with Morgan. Ellie: Neato, now please stop wasting your life (see Ellie lecture #42A).

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