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Today’s Recapist Highlight: True Blood

Jason and Dawn argue over her screwing vamps and letting them bite her, and she says, “That was the best sex I ever had,” really shoving it in Jason’s face. He asks her if it was a tattooed, bald guy, but she says her guy had a lot of hair and she met him at “that vampire bar in Shreveport.” You mean Fangtasia? The bar Eric runs? Eric, the guy with a lot of hair? Okay, I could be reaching, but he certainly fits that particular description. Well, that raises Jason’s hackles as nothing else might, and he says some shit he’ll regret later. She advances on him, saying, “You are obnoxious, and full of yourself, and dumber than a box of hair, and now you can’t get it up? There’s no reason I should be seeing you anymore.” Sing it, sister! She drives Jason out of the house at gunpoint, screaming, “Limp-dicked motherfucker!” loudly enough that a neighbor woman comes out to see what’s going on. “Your neighbor’s a BITCH!” Jason snaps.

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