Did That Haircut Come With A Free Bowl Of Soup?

Is that for a movie? Here’s Tobey Maguire hightailing it out of Mr. Chow’s in Beverly Hills before someone sees his salad. Seriously, did he cut it with a can opener? Goddamn. You have a daughter and a wife now. This is not the time to be getting all angsty teen with your hair. “Spiderman 3″ made some bank, but people didn’t like it as much as the first two. Probably because Kirsten Dunst survived. Anyway, you need to be front and center and on your game to keep your momentum, Toby. Now is not the time to go all punk rock with your head.

I realize it’s probably for a movie, it’s just that we’re used to the floppy bangs. Hey, remember in “Spiderman 3″ when he went evil when he got into the Venom suit? And they signified him being evil as being well, kinda gay? They basically made him wear eyeliner and have an emo boy haircut and made him look like Pete Wentz. Yeah, gay. That was hot.

Photos: WENN

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Photos: WENN