To Grope or Not to Grope in Public, for Jessica Biel, That is the Question

July 31st, 2007 // 3 Comments

Even though we’ve seen then out and about together for quite some time now, Jessica Biel still refuses to engage in public displays of affection with the man singlehandedly responsible for bringing sexy back. After leaving Parc the other night together, the two tried to shake off the paparazzi by abstaining from any hand-holding. Jessica wandered off with a decoy, only to meet up moments later with Justin, who vroomed them off in his car. All I’m saying is that maybe instead of stalking them, the paparazzi could get to the heart of the problem by checking the status on their MySpace pages. DUH.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. woohoo

    She is such a man .. And her mouth is so unattractive.. Looks like she sucked so much it stuck that way.

  2. green cardigan

    ‘the man singlehandedly responsible for bringing sexy back.’

    Old f/ckface will go down in history as a forerunner in the sexual revolution of the 21st Century… Take ‘em to the chorus !

    Maybe TimberJess think they are the new Brangelina with the lack of PDA’s…;

  3. Monica

    I’m sorry but all I can think of when I see JT is, ‘He was a fucking boybander! And not even a Backstreet Boy at that- loser!” That stink doesn’t wash away and it was never sexy. I suspect the cheeseball we saw in ‘Dick in a Box’ was the real JT. He seemed really N’Sync with that character. Hahahahahaha- I crack myself up!

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