TMZ Makes It Sound Like Gwen Stefani Flashed Cooch

I was browsing TMZ for some salient bits o’ gossip and came across the headline, “Did Gwen Pull a “Britney?” And I did indeed gasp for a moment when I thought that perhaps my pop goddess had started a panty boycott of her own. From TMZ:

We spotted Gwen Stefani at Mexican restaurant Casa Vega, clinging to little Kingston James as she climbed into the backseat of a car — and didn’t buckle him up! Oh no! Will she or won’t she?!

And then a sigh of relief overcame me when I realized it was just a question of whether or not she had buckled up her child in a seat. Whew. As long as her crotch is covered, she can leave that baby on top of the car, as far as I’m concerned.

Did Gwen Pull a “Britney?” [TMZ]

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