Tissues At The Ready: Colin Farrell’s Poignant Interview About Son, James [PHOTOS]

Farrell In Venice
The star filmed 'Seven Psychopaths'
Colin Farrell gave a really sweet interview to InStyle.  Featured in their December issue, Farrell’s story reveals how his oldest son, James changed him for the better.

James suffers from genetic disorder Angelman Syndrome, and they have gotten the symptoms under control – seizures, jerky movements, sleeping problems and developmental delays.  Farrell and James’ mother, Kim Bordenave, dealt with their son’s condition for the first year of their life.  Then, a turning point came along in 2007.

“It was at the Special Olympics in Shanghai that I decided, after consulting with James’ mother, that I wanted to talk publicly about the pride and joy I had in our son.

“He has enriched my life, but I don’t want to minimize the trials that so many families go through; the fear, consternation, frustration, and pain.” 

James has made Farrell appreciate the little things in life.

“We share in the smallest victories; the first words at age six or seven, being able to feed oneself at 19, and getting the seizures under control,” Farrell said. “When James took his first steps at age four, I nearly broke in half!”

Farrell is currently shooting Winter’s Tale in Brooklyn, New York.