Ashley Tisdale Shopping for More Slogan-Based Clothing in Urban Outfitters

January 10th, 2008 // 11 Comments

“High School Musical” star Ashley Tisdale looks veritably overwhelmed by all of the quirky, cleverly worded t-shirts and accessories at Urban Outfitters in Studio City, CA. Here’s her inner monologue. “Hmmm, am I loved by someone in New Jersey? Or do I think blondes do it better?” Sporting an “Over It” trucker cap, maybe she’s looking for some pants with “Under It” written on the seat because it’s simply not possible to feel “Juicy” all the time. Personally, I’m filled with such self-loathing that I’ve yet to find any quips emblazoned across a t-shirt that aptly express my mood. If someone can find me a “10 Pounds to Perfect” pair of velour sweatpants or “He Wants to Sleep with Other People” baby-tee, gimme a ring.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online

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Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online

By Lisa Timmons

  1. I guess Ashley is still young enough to get away with this look. but no matter what, i am still not buying into the whole trucker hat thing. I just cant embrace it. Sorry!

  2. Julie

    Tell that girl it is flu season. She needs to get those hands away from her mouth.

  3. ladeeda

    Lisa – I laughed out loud at your comments! Nice!

  4. Doug

    She looks fine! I am really crazy about this babe and the game of High School Musical. Yeah, sing my way through the story of the original movie is so fantastic!

  5. Sue

    Soooo big deal she wears a hat, get over it already.

    She seems like a great person, down to earth not getting pulled over for DUI’s or bi-polar freaky episodes like some in the news lately.

    Is the HAT that big of an issue??

    Ashley your great!!!

  6. Erika

    Hey Lisa, if you want some funny shirts, I recommend the store. There are quite a few gems in there you might enjoy. You’re welcome.

  7. desperatecharacter

    lisa you could sell me one of those he wants to sleep with other people t-shirts. that is HILARIOUS!

  8. R

    How about “My Other Nose is a Porsche”

  9. john

    Does this girl do anything besides walk around shopping malls in sweatpants?

  10. bored

    y dya care? it’s her life! duh!!!
    mind ur own business!!

  11. u

    y dya care? it’s her life! duh!!!
    mind ur business!!

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