‘Tis A Sad Day When You Annouce You’re Leaving Twitter

Following in the footsteps of great entertainers before him, John Mayer (performing a concert in California Saturday) announced today that he quit Twitter.  Some of these celebrities have a lot of nerve announcing something as unimportant as “quitting” Twitter.  The same goes for actors announcing their retirement before the ripe old age of 25. 

Listen, if you need a “time out” from society, then take it.  Some may miss you, most will forget you, but you’ll be able to regroup and rejoin as a more invigorated person.   Please don’t insult us by announcing your departure from a 140-word count status update site.  It’s not news.  Then again, we are some of your 3.7 million followers.  The joke’s on us, I suppose.

Mayer’s rep, according to UsMagazine.com, made the announcement on Mr. Gum Flapper’s behalf as the singer, 32, prepares to head back into the studio.  Please come out with someone I can dance to.