Tinsley Mortimer Is The Newest Socialite Reality TV Star

It doesn’t take much for me to watch a reality show so give me champagne-throwing and people that use the term “beak-faced bi-atch” and another half-hour of my week is down the tubes.

Manhattan socialite Tinsley Mortimer is showing us her world in the new reality show High Society. Do we need another glorified excessively privileged socialite in our lives? Probably not. Can I use some more laughs at other people’s expense? Why, yes. Although that bratty crazy girl with the n-word thing…What’s up with that?

While it was reported that MTV found the footage too boring for their network, the trailers look like the CW got inventive and added some interesting people to pump up the show. The girl who started out piggy-backing on celeb looks to garner attention should have thought of that one.

Check out two clips from the show after the jump.

Here’s the face that will be a lot harder for you to avoid in the future and her sister Dabney Mercer at a CW event in New York City yesterday.