Tina Fey Articulates The Justin Bieber Phenomenon

Finally, a skit that completely and ever-so accurately depicts my feelings toward Justin Bieber.

I can’t tell if I want to breast feed this kid, or let him fondle my bosoms. It’s entirely warped and awesome at the same time. We’ve coined this conflict, “Sharkpants”, as there is no real word in the English language that accurately describes the Justin Bieber phenomenon that leaves us questioning all our sexual desires.

The little heart-breaker appeared on “Saturday Night Live” performing as the musical guest, and also acted alongside Tina Fey, seen here at the New York City premiere of her new movie, Date Night, at the Ziegfeld Theater. Justin plays Tina’s student, and Tina is torn between whether she wants to bone him Mary Kay LeTourneau style or nurse him until puberty takes over. The scene ends with Tina Fey running out of the classroom after proclaiming that she wants to bathe him. This may seem creepy – and it is, but this is what this kid does to us. Leave it to Tina Fey to artistically articulate the inner-conflict that women over 18 experience when people like Justin Bieber come around and make us all hot and bothered.

Watch the video after the jump.