Tina Fey Takes A Swing For ‘Letterman,’ Gets Us Fired Up For ’30 Rock’ [PHOTOS]

Alec Baldwin's Gal
Baldwin's real-life Avery Jessup, Hilaria Thomas.
I think I’ve watched every single episode of 30 Rock at this point, thanks to God’s greatest gift: Syndication.  Now, it’s time to wait just six more days until the season six premiere on January 12th, which ushers in a more “relaxed” Liz Lemon and her handsome new boyfriend (played by James Marsden). 

The five-star sitcom will also play on the recent death of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, who kinapped Avery Jessup (Elizabeth Banks) and made her marry his son, Kim Jong-un.  If only CNBC had scrapped that “Hot Blondes In Weird Places” idea.

To promote the upcoming season premiere, Tina Fey filmed a segment for The Late Show With David Letterman yesterday.  She may have popped out a second kid in August, but Fey can still swing a bat.  Wearing a winter coat and really high heels (NOT from Liz Lemon’s closet), Fey victoriously smashed a windshield…and we think she liked it.


PS-According to Vulture, if 30 Rock does get renewed for a seventh season, then Alec Baldwin is signed on to return (via the Huffington Post).

What is your favorite Liz Lemon quote?